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No week of review under agency profile after submit the milestone of fixed job.

Greetings, I have submit fixed price milestone to my client. There is no option appears that your proposal will be reviewd in one week then paid. As it is the functionality in regular profiles.

So I submit the milestone but client is not responding me back what I have to do now?



Sohail Ahmed

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sohail, 

I checked your account and have forwarded it to the Customer Support Team so that they can look into into it further. I'll get back to you once I have more information from them. 

UPDATE: Hi Sohail, I checked your account, and wanted to clarify if you're asking about the milestone details on a contract? You should be able to access this contract information for agency contracts on your agency account. You will need to switch to your agency account first to see the milestone details of the contract. This information will not be available on your freelancer account. 

For your next question, if the client does not respond to you afer the 14-day review period, the money in escrow will automatically be paid to your account. In this contract's case, it will go to your agency's account. 


~ Avery

Thanks Avery for quick reply.


I am able to see the milestone activity.

I just want to know the period of review the submitted milestones. Thanks you mention that it is 14 days period and after that funds will transfer to my account. In regular freelancer account it is 1 week period to review the submitted work. right?

Hi Sohail,


Please note that this is the same for Fixed-Price contracts on your Freelancer account, clients have 14 days from the time you submit work on a project, to review the work and release a payment. If the client does not take any action within 14 days, then the payment is automatically released to you. You can read more about how Fixed-Price contracts function in detail here

~ Bojan

Thanks, Bojan and team Upwork.


Another thing is that I missed the webinar "Upwork Power Webinar: Starting Your Agency on Upwork". Is their any recording of it is available? If yes please share the link with me. Thanks.


Hi  Sohail,


Please use this link and fill the fields Name and email to access the recording of the webinar you are referring to. 

~ Bojan

Thanks a lot Bojan

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