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Non-Boosted Proposals - Misleading Confirmations

I have been trying to get a hold of someone in support. I submitted my proposal and properly boosted it to be within the top 3 positions. It was successfully submitted and I was shown based on my boosted bid, I would be placed in position #3, which I was fine with. Upon checking the status of my submitted proposal, it shows my proposal was "Not Boosted" yet I was never notified it would not be boosted.


The FAQ section about Boosted Proposals and placebo auctions, clearly mentions I would "immediately" see a message explaning that my proposal has not been boosted. This never showed up. Instead, it provided the confirmed action by showing I would be in posistion #3.


Here is the link to the article section talking about boosted proposals: https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/11983621573395


Immediately after submitting your proposal, you’ll see a message explaining that your proposal has not been boosted and that the job was randomly chosen to not have any proposals be boosted to the top of the list. Your proposal will also say “Not boosted” when you view it in Active proposals.

It also says a "very small amount" which in my case has been 100%. Either something is wrong with my account or something is wrong with the placebo boosted proposals feature.

Is anybody else experiencing similar issues?


Hi Andres,


I looked closely at your submitted proposals, and I believe I can see the job you're referring to. However, I can't seem to replicate the issue you're describing. As explained in the FAQ you shared above, I can confirm that the "Not boosted" message appears when I checked it in your Active proposals, and you'll be redirected to the explanation about Placebo Auction upon clicking the "Learn more" button right beside the message. Please see this screenshot for your reference.


Could you please share with us a screenshot of what you can see from your end so that we can have it reviewed and assist you accordingly? Looking forward to your response.


~ Arjay
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