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Non US citizen transferring funds to a friend's US Bank account

Hey so I have been working on upwork for a while and I always deposited my earnings to my local bank account. I was wondering if it'd be ok for once to transfer some of my money to a US bank account. The US bank account belongs to my friend though and I am not the owner of it and nor am I a citizen of the US. Would that be an issue? Would I be violating any TOS by doing so?

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The transfer would be denied as you are not the owner.

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Transfer fund to your won account

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You CAN transfer money from your Upwork account to a friend's US bank account.


All you need to do is work with your friend and his bank to add you as a fully named beneficiary on the bank account.


Then add that bank account as a payment withdrawal method within Upwork.


This works, and does not violate any Upwork rules.

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