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Non-responsive Client

I completed work for a client, but the client is non-responsive as to whether or not he is happy with the work. I've sent multiple messages during the project and after completion, asking for feedback. I am more than happy to re-work areas of the project if he wants something adjusted, but can't do that if there is no response. I also don't want this to negatively impact my freelancer rating.


I'm uncertain what to do at this point and the best way to move forward.

  • A) Do I end the contract without a response from the client?
  • B) Leave the contract open and simply wait for the client to respond?
  • C) Send a another message asking for feedback and then wait. 

What do you typically advise freelancer to do in these situations. I don't want to be unfairly rated when the client did not respond with adequate and essential feedback.


What do I do? 


The client was limited in responses during the project, and now that I have finished the work and asked for feedback — if the client was happy with the work — 


Hi Karalee,


I understand that it can be frustrating when your client fails to provide an update as soon as you submit your work. Before deciding to end your contract, you may consider allowing more time for your client to get back to you. They may have been busy with other projects they are working on, causing them to be unresponsive at this time. Thank you.

~ Joanne
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