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Non-responsive clients


As the subject states, I so far have 16 submitted proposals. 12 of them are not being responded to. I'm not trying to complain about it or anything. But we're applying for jobs that do not respond back nor they hire someone. Yes this is my issue, when I check when was the last time the client viewed the job post, it shows when he/she first posted it. 12 proposals is equal to 24 connects. I'm losing connects for nothing. Rejection is fine, not responding and choosing different freelancer is fine, but not responding to any one that seems like scam. It is unfair that the clients can post and ditch it (not responding) because they found someone outside of upwork (maybe) to do it. But when a freelancer submit a proposal (loses 2 connects) and not getting back the connects or a response!

Thanks for taking the time to read my concern and I hope the community will help.

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You can't force clients to hire someone any more than shops can force you to buy something just because they spent money fitting out a shop and buying goods and employing staff.


You get 60 Connects for free, use them wisely.


Except there aren't 12 people (at least) go in the shop uses something the shop offers for free and get out.

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This is the way Upwork is designed to work. Whether you believe it is fair is irrelevant. There is never a guarantee that anyone will be hired so factor that knowledge into your decisions. 

You can always buy extra connects. If you prefer to use the free ones only, you have to choose the jobs you apply to very carefully and make sure your cover letter is excellent. This is what most of the freelancers on Upwork have learnt after a while.

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I had this same issue until I started looking at the metrics behind how a client hires, sometimes their job sits for a month or two and then they either pull the job or hire. Remember, clients sometimes aren't in a hurry to hire/complete a job. Recently, I had a client that I had submitted a proposal to 3 months ago and finally they hired me. I have 11 proposals sitting in idle, yes do I want to be hired and successfully complete another project.

UpWork does have a system in place to notify clients that their projects are in idle and that they are about to be omitted from the system due to length of time on UpWork. My best advise is for you to screen clients, look at their project history, freelancer feedback and if their payments are verified. With clients that have good feedback, more than 3 jobs and verified payment you can rest assured that they are a better choice from others. Although, I have landed several first time clients here.

Good Luck with your freelancing career and don't give up hope.

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