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Re: Not Even a Proposal Review?!!?

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Julian B Member Since: Oct 4, 2015
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I cant seem to get a job on this site. I am more than qualified for basically everything i submit proposals for. I have looked at the freelancers who get picked over me and i cant figure out what the difference is, aside from them being white. Should i change my profile pic? 

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Aaron H Member Since: Jul 28, 2015
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Write better proposals. Try to outdo yourself every time your write a proposal.


Dark skin on a dark backround is a bad combo for a profile picture. I highly recommend having a professional take a quality headshot for you.

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Julian B Member Since: Oct 4, 2015
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Pretty sure there is a white wall behind me. Its called being a black person. The site does not allow for any more of my pic to be included in the thumbnail; furthermore, if being black on the site is going to hender my sucess then no avatars at all should be allowed. simple.


secondly, i write very good proposals that are tailored to each prospective clients spoken preference. but thanks for assuming i cant. is there anyone who might offer a helpful tid-bit? 

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Mikila S Member Since: Sep 12, 2015
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Hi Julian, there are many factors that affect the client's decision on who is hired. I think for many (most?) it's basically value- who's the best that I can get at the lowest cost?


Other clients are willing to pay higher rates though.


I'd go with the suggestion to change your profile pic- at least face the camera instead of taking a side shot.

You have spelling errors. Also check for capitalization, punctuation etc.

You appeared on GMA but you don't seem to say much about it.

Do some more skills tests related to your field.

Add some more items to your portfolio if you can.

SAE Institute-what does SAE stand for?

Speak to what you will do for the client and how/why you're the best.

I thought the video was about you. It's about a project you did, right? Put that in the description of the video.


I also don't think the previous poster had bad intentions when he replied. It may have come off that way-but I doubt he meant it in a bad way.


I've been here for almost 1 month (yaye! lol) and as of now, I have landed 3 jobs. Keep working on your profile, sending tailored and targeted proposals and don't give up!

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Julian B Member Since: Oct 4, 2015
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ok because i filled out the profile the way the site suggested. it said show your work there. and talk a little about yourself. thats why theres a video of my work and a little about myself. i guess i'm sill y for assuming someone who is spending money would take 2 mins to conclude sae is a school after reviewing my profile and also thinking if they wanted to know more they'd look it up. in my experience keeping things short and less overwhelming is what people prefer and what the site suggest. again. the site would not allow me to crop any other picture to fit- doesnt make much sense to me... but it also shows my notification days after i actually receive them. there are no skill test for what i'm doing and the equipment i use, deff not applicable to the type of work i'm submitting for. the gma is referring to my school, the nashville location i attended and mentioned was featured on that show. but again, writing pages worth of information that has nothing to do with me completing a task seemed mundane to me. i also cant afford to devalue myself- i am worth a lot. i have very expensive things that i know how to use well. and i have a lot of experiance. the price i charge is already waaaay below what it should be. preciate the feedback- not sure how i can apply any of it really but... thanks anyway- as for the previous guy... didnt even seem like he tried or blinked twice.. 

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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Julian I have just read your profile. You have given the SAE Institute a great write-up, but except for the tags, I haven't a clue what you actually do.


The first few lines of your profile overview are your essential selling points. "Fast turnaround!!!!!!!!!" Is meaningless and looks like one of those scammy ads ("Get rid of that flab now!!!!!!!!!" and if you  click on it you get pages of  dross . . .).

If you offer fast turnaround you have to say what you can turn around fast. You do not need dozens of exclamation marks to make your point.


As Maliki said you need to say what you were doing on GMA, but more importantly, you need to spêcify your skills (not what the SAE has to offer). You need to reorganize your profile, and highlight some of the things you have done in your 13 years freelance experience. You have an arsenal of expensive equipment, but you need to say what you do with it. Just because somebody owns a grand piano, doesn't make that person a concert pianist.


To get  a potential client to look at your portfolio, you have to grab his or her attention with your opening sentences.



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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Julian, Aaron was trying to be helpful. Your photo is a big part of the reason you are not getting job offers. Has nothing to do with skin color. The lighting is bad, the angle of your head is wrong, and your facial expression is wrong.


Compare your photo to Maliki's photo. She has a fantastic photo!


If both of you applied to the same job, most clients would want to read more about her, read her profile, read her job proposal, while many clients would simply delete your proposal based only on your photo.

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Julian, one of the biggest problems with your profile is that you have no portfolio. With your job specialty, I would recommend posting at least 8 different portfolio items, representing different styles and types of projects that you could do for clients.

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Julian B Member Since: Oct 4, 2015
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i have 2 different items showcasing what i do- audio/video sync and production- your saying just put more and more music on my page so its full even though its nothing different?

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Julian B Member Since: Oct 4, 2015
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you and i have the same pose and expression in our pics. and if people are paying us for pics i'll just use a fake one lol