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Not Even a Single Order Since 5 Years

Hi Upwork Community Members,


I have not earned even a single order since joining upwork. Though I am a skilled typist typing 70 wpm both handwritten and typewritten in 20+ languages, I couldn't leverage my connects usefully. I'm worried that I am unfit here. May be I don't know marketing. Still a newbie in finding an order here in upwork. At last, I think the category DATA ENTRY I am skilled is expired.


  • I type roman, celtic, west germaniac, indo-european languages like Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Flemish, French, Frisian, Gaelic, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Roman, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh, English, Hindi, and Tamil.
  • I am a government-certified, 25-year experienced professional data entry copy typist.
  • I type 70 wpm at 100% accuracy for 10 hours a day.
  • I type typewritten, handwritten, leg-written, feather-written, brush-written inscriptions on paper, slide, palm leaf, skin, birch, bamboo, stone, glass shadow, and mirror reflection.
  • I retype small cursive lowercase letters and big bold capital uppercase characters.
  • I do data entry of alphabets, alphanumeric, complex and roman numbers, geometric and arithmetic mathematical expressions, math equations, scientific symbols, icons, signs, formulae, emblems, barcodes, email ids, bend scripts, empty spaces, and foreign typeset
  • I key the scripts in circular, horizontal, vertical, top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right, right to left, scattered, distributed, rows and columns.
  • I proofread illegible, faded, rusted, darkened, missed, misspelled, grammatical and typographical errors, phrasal punctuational mistakes.
  • I data convert, mine, process, scrap, extract, and collect.

 And what not.


I require baby guidance to life myself.

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5 whole years and no typing orders. That's pretty sad. I'd probs find something else to do by then but kudos to you for 5 years of proposals for typing jobs. I'm in awe of your dedication to losing.

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How many proposals did you send in 5 years?

Just One.

One proposal in five years? You must have tons of connects, why not use them?

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5 whole years and no typing orders. That's pretty sad. I'd probs find something else to do by then but kudos to you for 5 years of proposals for typing jobs. I'm in awe of your dedication to losing.

You are right.
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What do you feel is holding  you back?


Niche vs Pool offers?


Services not in demand?

Clearly you are an accomplished person.

All the four.

Hi Farose,


Thank you for reaching out. I checked your profile and it looks like you joined Upwork in December 2019 which makes your account about three years old. Did you have another account prior to this? Also, I can only see one proposal sent in the last two months. 


I would highly suggest that you send more proposals in order to increase your chances of getting a response from clients.


You may want to consider creating specialized profiles to make your profile more attractive to clients. With specialized profiles, you can tailor your unique skills to your audience on Upwork and create variations of your profile that showcase your experience within specific categories. The specialized profile will help increase your profile views and get more jobs because when clients filter their search results by specific skills, only freelancers who have relevant specialized profiles will appear.
You can also create Project Catalogs based on the skills and services you offer. This is a new method for our freelancers to have clients come to them, giving freelancers the opportunity to create ‘projects’ that are pre-scoped with price, deliverables, and timeline. Clients can then search for these projects via a series of category pages (specific skills) and purchase them in just a few clicks.
You may also want to consider upskilling and learning new skills to increase your marketability. Competition is getting tough not only in Upwork but also on other platforms, especially since most people nowadays opt to work remotely. One possible reason might be also the fewer demands for jobs that fall under your selected skill set. You can also revisit the skills you have selected in your profile, only if applicable.
We also highly encourage you to continue to work to become a Top-Rated or Top Rated Plus Freelancer once you get enough recent work history. Having these badges in your profile will increase your invite and hire rate.


Here are some helpful articles that you may find useful:
•  9 Tips to Help You Create a Freelancer Profile That Stands Out | Upwork
• 15 Ways to Grow Your Freelance Business

~ AJ

Also sounds like upping our proposal game... with what the client wants would be... good?

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Wow! can you still have an account on Upwork after five years of not doing anything with it?

Yes. I am the one to have such an account. Make me worthful.
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