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Not Getting Invites


I'm an Upwork Freelancer with 100% Job Success and Top Rated but I've not got even a single invitation since the start of my profile neither any Impressions on my Profile. I have achieved all the jobs based on Proposals. Can someone kindly Help me in this regards.


Hi Syed,


I'm sorry to hear that you have not been getting any project opportunities from your certain niche and I understand how important it is to receive invites.
We are able to see here that you have a pretty impressive profile and your profile is definitely visible to clients and the marketplace.
I understand it can be a bit challenging getting noticed and hired by Clients, especially with such a large pool of talented Freelancers to compete with. However, with proper marketing, consistency, and diligence we are confident that Upwork can be an invaluable resource for you.
Upon checking your account, I see that your account profile is set to "Public" where it is visible to the entire Internet including clients, freelancers, and visitors and to search engines such as Google and Bing.  There is no restriction that prevents clients from seeing your profile or hiring you.
Always remember that clients have the sole discretion as to whom they will invite, interview, and hire. They also consider a lot of options such as related skills of the freelancers that will match their projects, budget, freelancers' experience, etc.
I would encourage you to keep submitting proposals to job openings where you know you can do your best and impress your clients. In your cover letter, show the client you’re the right person to hire; It’s not enough to know you can do the job. The client needs to see why and how you’re not only a good fit, but the best fit. Once you get invited for an interview, be sure to show your experience, demonstrate your skills, and make the choice easy for them. Having confidence in yourself and what you can do for the client will help you stand out from other freelancers.
I also recommend checking the following before applying for a job post:

  • Carefully review the job post to make sure it matches your skills and availability.
  • Check to see if the client has hired anyone yet — sometimes clients don’t close a job right away after hiring.
  • Review the client’s history — do they usually hire right away and have previous freelancers enjoyed working with them?
  • Consider the number of freelancers who have already submitted proposals and whether the client is interviewing others yet. While you can still submit to a project that already has many applicants or is in the interview stage, it may be more difficult to get the client’s attention.

Additionally, Clients find your Upwork profile the same way they’d find your landing page or personal website. You may also take advantage of our Advanced Search which supports the following functions:

  • All of these words — This search function will show clients which profiles include all of the keywords they input, regardless of what order they appear in. If they search “content marketing writer,” results will only include profiles that include the words “content,” “marketing,” and “writer.”
  • Any of these words — This search function will them the profiles that include at least one of the keywords they input. If they search “content marketing writer,” results will include profiles that include the word “content,” “marketing,” or “writer,” or combinations thereof.
  • The exact phrase — Just as it sounds, this search function will show them profiles that include the input keyword(s) exactly as they entered it. If they search “content marketing writer,” results will only include profiles that use that exact phrase word-for-word.
  • Exclude these words — If the results they get with other functions are too broad, they can try excluding unwanted keywords. For example, if they are looking for a blog writer but searching “content marketing writer” results in too many webpage writers, they can input “webpage” into this box. Profiles that include the word “webpage” will be filtered out of their results.
  • Title search — This search field is an “any of these words” search function but limited to profile titles. If they title search for “content marketing writer,” your results will include profiles with the word “content,” “marketing,” or “writer” in the title.

You may also want to consider upskilling and learning new skills to increase your marketability. Competition is getting tough not only in Upwork but also on other platforms, especially since most people nowadays opt to work remotely. One possible reason might be also the fewer demands for jobs that fall under your selected skill set. You can also revisit the skills you have selected in your profile, only if applicable.

~ AJ
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