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Not Getting Response in Proposals

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Partha G Member Since: Jan 16, 2017
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Old elance was better than this. But this one is sucks after migration. I will not renew my membership from next month. 

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Manoj G Member Since: Jan 11, 2016
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Hi Community Guru,


My profile strenght is 100%. I am daily submitting the proposals spending more than 5 to 6 hour on upwork. I got first job just in a month but after then I never recieve any response from client. Most of the proposals decliend by client.  I also updating my propsal frequently as per client requirement but no luck please guide me. I am also passed the needful upwork tests. 


please review my profile 



Thanks & Regards

Manoj G

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Partha G Member Since: Jan 16, 2017
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can you please look on mine? i had same profile in elance got job, now this is new account in upwork nothing 

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Carlos L Member Since: Apr 24, 2016
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Partha, it looks like you have no any taken test, for this you will not have a rising talent, furthermore no job, furthermore no top rate, furthermore no money so maybe starving. So take a test, you will change your fate for sure.

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Katrina B Member Since: Jan 9, 2011
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@Partha G wrote:

can you please look on mine? i had same profile in elance got job, now this is new account in upwork nothing 

 Partha your profile is in violation of Upwork ToS. You are a company, a team, you must have an agency profile and all of your team members have to have a profile under that agency. 

"Fairness is giving all people the treatment they earn and deserve. It doesn't mean treating everyone alike-Coach John Wooden"
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Abida G Member Since: Jan 22, 2017
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I would love if anyone could tell me what am I doing wrong. It has been more than a month and I didn't get ANY response on my job proposals. The point is that I am REALLY hard trying, spending many hours in writing proposals, cover letter, answering questions. For now I have one nice job, but I apply to at least one a day, and get no response further. Any help is welcome!

Community Guru
Muhammad I Member Since: Dec 19, 2015
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There are few reasons why freelancers don't get any response from clients though they are the perfect match for the job.


1- Your proposal. Freelancers start with Sir/Madam and after that start telling the client about itself. This is the wrong approach just start proposal with Hi, Start explaining to the client that you are looking for this service and I can provide you the best services as I can explain to you where to start and how can I add more value in this.


2- Don't try to run fast and submit your proposal fast without reading the entire posting take your time, read it twice and then write what client want to read about his job posting.( I take 1  or 2 hours before placing my proposal and when I place 70% chances are I won. because I won proposal with that %).


3- Don't try to bid on each and every job. Just take some time read the jobs and bid on only those jobs where you have a master level skills and can convince the client you are the perfect match for this job.


4- Don't bid low rate if you are thinking you can win projects on low rate ( excluding those clients who always try to hire freelancers on low rates and don't have any concern about the quality).


5- Bid the reasonable or market price if the client asks you to lower the rate than answer him truly. I am going to attach a screenshot one of my client who complained me about some quality and I answered him straightforwardly and now I am charging 500% more than the market price for a Top notch quality. Client pay for quality.



6- Don't try to become too polite be natural with the client and also in the proposal.


Good Luck!

Community Guru
Carlos L Member Since: Apr 24, 2016
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Abida, it looks like your tests actually well are but are also too little concerned on professional writing, take a grammar test at least, there is lots of tests for writers, did not you see it?  

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Partha G Member Since: Jan 16, 2017
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Now I have modified bidding 43 of last 15 days no response please help

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Parthipan A Member Since: Jun 12, 2017
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Could you please review my profile and suggest improvement for getting work??