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Not Getting paid

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Virginia F Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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Juraj D wrote:
Thanks for explaining.
I know I've made a mistake. But common, these mechanics should be explained to the freelancers at the start. Right after registration the freelancers are pushed to create their CV set up profile etc.. But ultimately the freelancers just want their money and that is forgotten a bit.



Everything is explained to freelancers, but only if they choose to check out all the many help topics available to them - pinned at the top of forums and under the ? icon on their account page. Quick forum searches bring up scores of posts that will help you learn.


That so many new freelancers do not bother to understand how things work is not on Upwork, it's on the freelancers. Contracts are a part of freelancing, both here and in the real world. It is common knowledge that for the most part, and especially when working online with complete strangers, it is not wise to work without a contract.


Upwork cannot realistically take the hand of each and every freelancer to teach them how the site works. You are an independant business owner, the responsibility is on you to learn how to work safe and get paid. Preston is correct, learn from this mistake and move on.

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Mikko R Member Since: Dec 26, 2015
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I think many starting freelancers are under the illusion that some system available online for free makes them freelancers.

The reality is opposite.

You run your own business. You are the business.

You can utilize some of these platforms for building your business.

Also, it would be strategically unwise to depend on one source of clients, i.e. having multiple sales channels gives you the best chance of staying in business for a longer time.

No platform is responsible for teaching you how to freelance. That's not how it works.