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Not Hiring from New Clients from last one month.

Hello! I am a Graphic Designer, a Top Rated freelancer with 100% JSS. For around one to two months I am not getting any new client. I have applied to so many proposals but no one is inviting/hiring me. I apply only to the clients having more than a 50% hiring rate and only to one in which I am confident. I am worried about why clients are not hiring me?? I will be obliged if I get the reason behind it.




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Your profile is set to private, so you will not get any invitations. You can respond, and then the clients can see your profile.


Do you know who your ideal client is? Is it a business or an individual? Is it other graphic designers or business people? Hint: business people have larger checkbooks than designers. Look at available filters. I set mine at $251, expert, no more than 10 applicants, less than 30 hours/week. If a client has invited more than ten people I skip it. If he is looking for the cheapst price, I skip it. I include questions in my responses because they invite answers, and now we're in a dialog - which is where good work is won.

Bill H wrote:

Your profile is set to private

No, it isn't. It's set to public.


Thanks, Bill for your time and consideration. I am sorry, but it is not the reason for not getting hired as my profile is set on public and not private.

I'll try your advice and filter preferences given by you, thanks.

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