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Not Notified of Issue with Client Suspension

I require a 50% deposit released to me in order to begin a project on Upwork. I explained to my client how the escrow system worked, but she misunderstood, and funded the second milestone, which resulted in her card being charged twice in the same day.

I began the project, delivered part of the work (we are at the halfway point now) and then went in to check if the second milestone was funded, since I have mistakenly forgot to check in the past. It is funded and in escrow, but the contract for some reason said "suspended". I received NO EMAILS telling me to stop work, the only reason I noticed was because I went in to double check. I reached out to a support rep, who then said that the issue was "on the client's end" and that's why I didn't receive an email notification, so the money was still in escrow. Yet, they recommended that I pause working - again, only because I reached out.


I then asked my client about it, and it turns out that when her card was charged twice, it led her to believe it was an error which resulted in her filing a dispute. So her dispute with the card company is now active, and I STILL have not received an email instructing me to pause work. For a newer freelancer, this could be a massive problem if they are more trusting than me and don't double check the contract at every new stage. I am so incredibly frustrated by this experience, it's 100% unacceptable to not let freelancers know if there is a problem, whether it's on the client's end or not. In the past, I would get notifications for suspensions even if it was just a simple expiration on a card. Yet now, when someone has literally challenged the money in escrow, I still to this minute have not received an email advising me to pause work. Would love to hear a mod weigh in and escalate this to the proper department. Mind you, this is a $5000 project, and I could have lost 50% of that had I not noticed or had the client been less honest, so it's no small amount here. This is the first time I've been truly appalled at Upwork's inability to do the bare minimum to protect freelancers from losing their funds for work delivered.


Hi Gina,


While we hope that all freelancer and client relationships and projects will run smoothly, we understand that occasionally you may have a disagreement with a client about the work you submitted and your payments.


We certainly understand your situation and we truly appreciate you sharing this experience. your feedback really means a lot to us here and we will surely look into your concern closely.


~ Arjay

This is not a disagreement. This is a misunderstanding, that Upwork completely failed to make me aware of. My client did not understand the way Upwork works, which is expected and fine as long as she communicates openly with me.


what is NOT okay, is Upwork failing to make me aware that there is a chance I may not get paid. The end.

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