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Not Receiving Notification for Milestone Approved

Before Yesterday, I was receiving notifications through messages as well as Emails when any client approved the milestone. That shows up in their particular chat also and in Email also. But since yesterday, When any Client approves any milestone or releases payment, I am not receiving any type of notification neither in their particular chat nor via Email, I don't know the reason but it's hard to check every time whether the client released the payment or not.

Please fix this ASAP and we should notify in their message chat and via Emails also when they approve any milestone or release payment of the project.

Thank You


Hi Aayush,


Could you please try to clear your cache and cookies or use a different browser to check? Also, are you checking on both the app and the web browser? If you do, in case you check on either option, it will no longer show a notification because it would prompt the system that you have already viewed it on whichever device you are using. 


As for your email notification, could you please confirm if there are no emails in your spam folder too? 

~ Joanne
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Hi Joanne,


1. I checked the Spam folder and All emails also, Till 17th April, I was receiving emails when any client approve the milestone or release the payment, But After that, Yesterday 2 clients approved the milestone, But I didn't received any emails of those.


2. I checked through different browsers also and already cleared all the cache and cookies, But I didn't receive any notification when my client approve the milestone and It's for both the App and web browsers. I neither received any notification of that nor any confirmation in the message box of that client when he/she approves the milestone. And I didn't show in any device still I didn't received any notification in any App or web browser.

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Now, I received notification in Message box and on Emails for yesterday approved milestones.

I hope this will not happen again in future.

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