Not Receiving Respond from Clients

Hello Upwork Community!


I have been submitting proposals for the last 2 months but have not received any response from the clients. However, I did my last project on Sep 22, 2021. Before the last project, I had some bad experiences on the other two projects that were ended up canceling the contract. I feel that some of the clients might have left me negative reviews in the private review section therefore I am not receiving job invitations and responses against my proposals.


Is there anyone who help me figure out why I am not receiving responses from clients how can I check if any of the clients have left me a negative review in the private review section?


Your profile is really good. You will just have to keep at it. 

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Your private reviews were generally good, because you have a job success score of over 90 percent. Prospective clients can only see what's publicly displayed on your profile. 


The mostly likely reason you're not getting work is that there's more competition. You just need to keep sending out proposals.

Thank you so much for your help!

Your profile is really good. You will just have to keep at it. 

Thank you so much, Martina! It means a lot to me.