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Not Satisfied with my Success Score ?

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Atif S Member Since: Oct 26, 2018
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I have done 9 Jobs with 5 star ratings and one job with 4.2 ratings .

My Success Score is 86 after this Timeperiod of 6 months .

Please Tell me why Success Score is Decreasing by every 2 week As it is 87 before and now it is 86 . It is very embarassing when you satisfy client with your Hardwork . They Give you 5 star ratings & this Success Score is Big Embarassment  . Please anyone guide me how i can increase my success score ?

Community Guru
Phyllis G Member Since: Sep 8, 2016
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Your Job Success Score (JSS) is calculated using public feedback and private feedback. I believe it also takes into account the size and duration of contracts. UW does not divulge exactly how it's calculated. You have to assume that on any contract, the private feedback may be lower than the public feedback. Also, it can undermine your score to have a high proportion of closed contracts with no feedback; or a high proportion of idle contracts; or any contract that closes with no money being paid.


The "clients who would recommend you" % on your My Stats page is your best indicator of how well you are satisfying your clients. It is calculated using private feedback from all clients who have ever left feedback. It does not update at the same time as your JSS, so at odd times, it may be higher or lower than your JSS.


Take only jobs that you are confident of completing with flying colors (i.e., unqualified success) and give every single one your very best work. Pay attention to clients before you accept contracts and avoid any who seem difficult to please or unsure of what they want. The 4.2 rating will eventually fall out of your 6-month window.


Also, don't worry about job postings that indicate a preference for 90-or higher JSS. That is only a preference, you are free to bid on those projects when your scores is lower.