Not U.S citizen

W9 and W8-BEN.

So, I did the W9 concerning I am not the U.S citizen, nor I do live in stated country. Excuse my bad English, for it is not my native language, I would just like to get clarified information to the payment/withdrawal of funds/payments. Let's say, for example, a U.S citizen asks me to do a job he/she posted, and in in some time I finish that job, I get payed. Here comes that tricky part where I may have misunderstood the W9 program - Am I allowed to withdraw that payment to my PayPal account and later use that money in my country?
Yet again, I am terribly sorry for mistakes I have subconsciously made during this letter.
Thank you in advance!
Best Regards,
Aleksa Cakic


Hi Aleksa,


Your taxes and VAT depend on which country you are living in. So since you are in Serbia, your tax rates depend on the Serbian tax + VAT rates as well as the country which your client is in. For example:


You have a corporate US client (a company - not an individual).

You complete the work on Upwork.

You withdraw money to your Paypal account.

You then have to declare that payment in your taxes. BUT since your services are sold to a non-EU country, you shouldn't have to pay VAT (this should be the same in Serbia, but you will have to verify it).

Say the client pays you 100$. You withdraw this, minus the Upwork charges and withdrawal fees. What you have left is what you declare as an income and pay tax on (but not VAT).


Hi Aleksa,


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