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Not a new topic, just more of the same - can't accept client offer due to address missing

ONCE AGAIN, I have a client who has sent me an offer I cannot accept because the Upwork system says the client's profile is missing an address.


There is no reason anyone in today's world should have to enter the same information in multiple areas of a registration form.


And why do you allow a client to post a new job if their registration on your system is not complete!?!?!?!?


Upwork, PLEASE FIX THIS! It makes new clients, and old freelancers, wonder what the problem is with making the simplest part of your platform work correctly.


Thanks in advance!

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Problem fixed. Project started.


I hope it doesn't happen again...

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One of my clients had a problem sending me a contract, too. Something like "there's something wrong on our end." I told them to clear their cache and the contract went through!

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