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Not able to send mail along with proposed budget

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Ritam B Member Since: Sep 26, 2013
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Hi All, Although I am on oDesk for more than a year now this is the first time I am facing some serious issues and hence this is going to be my first post. I keep getting invites from clients for various market research projects and I reply with detailed proposal/mail and estimated budget. However, for the past few days (or about a week), I am not able to send mail to the clients (or prospective clients). I can accept the job invite and even change the proposed budget, however, not able to send any message/ mail. The mails are just not there in my send items folder and the clients are also not receiving the mails, although they will see that I have accepted the job invite. I am in touch with oDesk customer support for this and they told me that its a bug and the technical team is looking into it. However, they declined to give any estimated resolution time. This might cost me a few jobs as the clients might think that I am just accepting the jobs without sending a message/mail/proposal. I want to know if anybody else is facing this problem of not been able to send mail for new job invites or it is just me? Thanks in advance to all fellow freelancers. Regards, Ritam