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Not activating a time-tracker on an hourly contract (only manual logs)



I would like to set an hourly contract with the Client where I would only be logging manual hours. I would not be activating and using a time-tracker at all. 


>> Would not activating a time-tracker on an hourly contract and only manually logging in hours, negatively affect any relevant statistics of my profile (JSS and other) or affect my status in Upwork algorithm in any way (freelancer or agency)? Are there any other downsides to this that I should be aware of?


That being said, I am fully aware that manually logged hours are not covered by Upwork policy, that I wouldn’t have any protection whatsoever and that it is up to Client’s discretion whether he/she would approve of the hours. This particular Client is a long-term client that I have a great business relationship with, based on mutual trust. The time-tracker doesn’t suit my workflow, while at the same time we need to switch to an hourly contract instead of a fixed one due to things that are outside of our control at the moment. 


Thank you in advance!

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Whether or not you use TimeTracker to keep track of your work time for a client's hourly project has no effect on your profile statistics or JSS calculation.





Hi Will, 


Thank you so much for your response!



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In order to get paid for manual hours, you will still have to use the Time Tracker to record those hours or there is no way for you to get paid.

Hi Mary, 


Thank you so much for your response! 

If this is something you are familiar with - is it possible to use the Time Tracker to only log in manual hours, and not use the time-tracking (screenshot) function?


Appreciate your help!

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