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Not available / Out of office settings

Ace Contributor
Monique L Member Since: Sep 23, 2017
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I've been doing some digging around the not available setting on your account and wanted some clarification. 


In the past two weeks I've missed a couple of job invites because I didn't receive the email notifications (and subsequently they have counted against me), and I don't log in to Upwork every single day. If I set my account to not available, that will deter this from happening right? Does anything happen with clients that I have contracts open with?


I just saw about this 'out of office' option too, but couldn't find any more info. If I use that setting, does that block all clients from sending messages, adding milestones, sending offers? Or just some of those?  I don't need it now but will be useful to know more about it for the future if I need it. 

Sorry if this has been asked a million times before! 


Thanks Smiley Happy 

Community Guru
Michael S Member Since: Aug 29, 2017
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Correct. If you set your status to "Not Available", you won't receive any invitations.

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Monique, 

If you can please send me more information through a private message about the invites you received which you didn't receive a notification for, I would be happy to look into it further. 

You may want to check the following:

If you use the Out-Of-Office setting on your Messages, your clients receive a message in their Messages page that you are out-of-office if they send you a message. 

Ace Contributor
Monique L Member Since: Sep 23, 2017
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Thanks Avery for those links, I'll have a read through them. 


And i'll message you know about the invites Smiley Happy