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Not been able to land a job in 2 years

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Bill H Member Since: Aug 18, 2017
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I don't know about your proposals. Your profile leaves me saying "Next candidate."


Your profile is written for people who know something about SEO. Those people do not have large checkbooks. Once I reached, " I can also help with your On page SEO, off page SEO, competitive backlink research, keyword research, social media marketing , SEM, adwords and much more. I am also Udacity graduated, I worked with WordPress, HTML, CSS and Javascript" I knew you weren't business-focused. I understand each word, but  it means nothing to me. I don't care if you code in Sanskrit using Druid Incantations as the platform. I care if you understand business. Business people have the big checkbooks; appeal to them.


I'm a business person who consults to other businesses. I have two businesses with websites, but I don't care about SEO. They exist primarily to prove that I'm a real person with a real business. When my clients need to attract more visitors to their websites, I understand that there are three primary issues. First, the visitor needs to find the website in a vast thicket. SEO can help that, but everybody has it so it's hardly a big differentiator. Second, the visitor needs to stay on the website, meaning it has to be sticky. Third, the visitor needs to be blown away by the user experience. I hire people who understand business and can accomplish at least one of the three, preferably all three.


I want to know that you understand my client's business, his business model, and how he can use the internet. Your proposals should address your understanding of business, business models, and how businesses can use the internet. I always start with questions, because no client ever provides all the information needed for an adequately priced and scoped response. It also demonstrates my interest in my client, and caters to the fact that most people would rather talk about themselves than read about you. I save talking about myself for the very end.


Questions, by the way, are the most powerful form of communication. In my questions I demonstrate understanding. For example, "I see that you're in the in-flight missile repair business. That industry is in a consolidation mode. Are you planning to eat other companies, or find someone to eat you?" Or, "The in-flight missile repair market seeks assurance that the repair technician is parachute qualified. Do you emphasize that on your website?"


I demand (not request; it's a condition of doing business with me) that we explore a fit before agreeing to work together. This puts the client on notice that we are dealing with one another as equals.I also try to gently jab the client in the response (what you call a proposal). I'm looking for narcissisim, because I cannot work for a narcissist. Nobody can. My response to a request to negotiate price is to raise my price. I've already calculated what the work is worth to the client and what I'm willing to accept for the work. Yes, I'm an arrogant pr!ck, and proud of it.


Good luck.

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Jacquie D Member Since: Jan 11, 2019
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I don't care if you code in Sanskrit using Druid Incantations as the platform.

Oh, wow. I was looking through the forum...I just happened upon this post and this sentence made me literally laugh out loud.  Thanks very much.  

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Richard L Member Since: Dec 14, 2016
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Jacquie... that is the kind of sentence I aspire to write. Nice pick.