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Not find location of some clients

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Ravi S Member Since: Jan 3, 2015
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Clients must have their country on their job posting before they can hire or post their job posting


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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Um... why?


I don't care.


If a client doesn't want to display where they live, it's fine by me.


If you don't want to bid on jobs for clients whose country of residence is not displayed, then you don't have to. Other people will, so the clients will still be served.


The best client I have ever had, the very best in every way, including being the most profitable, lives in the Philippines, which I'm sure lots of people think of as "less affluent."


The worst client I ever had lives a few miles from my house, right here in the United States, literally in the town that borders my own.


It doesn't bother me at all if other people have opinions or preferences on the matter. But personally, I don't try to predict the quality of a client based on where they live.

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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Sorry PH! No soup for you!

I have written before about my own criteria (based on my expereince, my job history on and off this site, and demographic data) for selecting the best jobs and the best clients -- the best match for me as a freelancer. A client's country of origin is one of the metrics that I have established for selection criteria.

Of course, conditions on oDesk have led me to accept jobs that I would typically not accept. That is, clients that do not meet or exceed my criteria for client selection.

In fact, I rarely accept jobs from clients in the US where I reside. Why? Because too many of them do not have the budget needed to sustain long-term contracts, and they attempt to pay sub-standard wages.

Nonetheless, I believe that there are some potentially great clients here even from the US; however, given the current freelancer search for jobs features I have not found many. Apparently, they are not finding me either given the current client search for freelancers features. Maybe I am just not good enough to make the


Off-topic: Although no surprise to me, the number of self-assessed fluent English speaking freelancers is growing rapidly as evident by many well-written freelancer profile overviews. On a positive note, those freelancers are seeking higher pay rates than they had historically on this site. Maybe that will increase demand and justify the higher pay rates sought by freelancers in first-world countries. Pay rates, another metric....

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Ron aka LanWanMan