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Not getting 2nd work & Profile Review

Hello every one!


It's been a month since i have joined upwork. I was lucky enough to get the first assignment in the first week of joining without sending a proposal to the specific client. The job was done successfully and now i am trying to get more work. I have been unfortunate to attact client's attention against my proposals. I have tried different strategies such as tailored proposal specifally addressing to the client needs, rock bottom rates, immediate availability and quick turnaround time, though nothing worked out.


Would appreciate profile review and recommendation for improvement


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Hi Hammad,


I understand that you are concerned about not getting noticed by clients and landing jobs so far. You might want to check out the following resources to help you improve your profile and also write proposals:


9 Tips to Help You Create a Freelancer Profile That Stands Out

4 Ways to Create a More Successful Freelancer Portfolio

10 Upwork Profile Examples That Will Help You Get Clients

How To Get More Jobs on Upwork in 2021

How to Create a Proposal That Wins Jobs

How to Write a Cover Letter


You can find more helpful resources here.

~ Joanne

 Thanks alot for sharing the resources.



I could see several problems in your profile.


You really need to work on your profile add more information about your work experience, some special projects you've completed, any training/certifications received you definitely need to add a few samples of past projects, that are missing.


You do not really have to quote rock bottom prices, ideally, your quote should be in line with your profile rate and your profile, past work experience, skills, and expertise should justify your profile rate.


Your profile should really justify why you think you should get $50 / Hour? What skills, experience, expertise do you have that command a $50/Hour rate?


Also, the only client you had did no leave any feedback or review. A happy client will leave feedback and review in most cases, although there are few clients who do not bother.



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