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Not getting Job Invitation from the last about four months.

Hi experts,
It's been more than a year since I'm here on this platform. I have completed 55 jobs and got more than 45 reviews. most all the projects From the beginning are 5*  ratings.  I'm not getting job invitations for about 4 months. But before that, I got an invitation to average per week. 
Is there anyone who can check my profile and suggest me the necessary customization?
I would be appreciated 


My profile link: Chinmay G. - Expert Graphic Designer (Logo, Brand Guidelines, Packaging design) - Upwork Freelancer ...
By the way my JSS is 95%

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You're maybe not spending enough money to make money -- boosting aint just for giggles, it's a serious revenue stream

Thank you Mark K for your response. Can you please explain this more?


Dear All

I do not understand why this is happening to me! 


** I haven't received any invitations in the last 4 months. But before that, I used to get 3/4 invitations every month. 


**My job success score hasn't changed in the last month (Updated 2 times in this period) , but I've done about 7 projects, all are very good feedback with 5 * ratings. 


I want a solution here but I can't find one. What do I actually do? Can anyone tell me the solution or the way to the solution?


Thank's in advance!



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