Not getting any Benefits of Top Rated Freelancer... No Job


I'm Manoj Seiwal. Working with Upwork since more than 2 years. In this period I've completed 100+ contracts With 97% Job success rate. And achieved an Top Rated position on Upwork.

But now it's seems worthless.

After Spending 60 connects in a last Month I got only 2 clients while I'm providing best quality service in lowest cost. Always getting 5 star feedback from clients. But now After merging with Elance my hiring rate is above avrage. 


No problem if upwork not recomding me for their inhouse clients or projects.


I am very disappointed by my status results, I think now Upwork is not for me.


Please let me know if you have some suggestions regarding to this issu it would be great to hear back from you & it will be very helpful for me to make final decision to leave or continue to work with Upwork.


Looking forward to hearing from you Upwork.


Creativly yours