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Not getting any response to proposals



I am an experienced PHP Developer and coming from another freelancing platform where I have very good ratings.


I have been submitting proposals periodically since long on Upwork jobs and I guess I have not received more than 2% response on my submitted proposals and no job has been awarded to me since a few months except only 2 in 2020.


My profile has been verified and complete, I purchased monthly membership a few times to see if it makes any difference without any success.


I don't know where I am doing wrong, what should I do?

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Now is hard times for many, not only for you.

Your profile look good. Add some portfolio items, it will be better. And extend description of your knowledges\exp.

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Well, your last job was 2 years ago... You have a very thin profile. You're competing against hundreds of thousands of other "experienced PHP Developers." Verified profile just means you can work on here, doesn't mean you will get work today, tomorrow, or next week. My honest and humble opinion is have a good attitude, Upwork doesn't owe you any jobs. I don't think there's anything wrong with your profile, but clients for whatever the reason just don't seem to respond to your proposals (according to your 2% figure).


Are you spamming jobs? Don't apply to every job.

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Thanks for your response.

Yes I know that verified profile doesn't guarrantee that I will get work, its just builds trust in a profile.

And no I am not spamming in anyway, I carefully choose jobs to submit proposals to.

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I purchased monthly membership a few times to see if it makes any difference without any success.

Just curious: where have you heard or why have you assumed that the paid membership has any connection to winning jobs?

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