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Not getting any responses from the clients

We have agency account in Upwork for years. We did well previously but suddenly in 2022, we are not getting any responses on any of my proposals. Although, I write custom bid proposals and share relevant examples too even sometimes I boost my bid also. But all my efforts are of no use.


Hi Raj,


I  understand how you feel. It may be discouraging when you're getting fewer responses to your proposals now. A lot of factors come into play such as the demand for the field you're in. With more and more freelancers signing up, the competition gets tougher. But I suggest that you check your profile and update your skills, tweak your title, make use of Project Catalog, and of course, apply for jobs. The more you send proposals, the more you increase the chance of getting a reply from a client.


Here's an additional tip: try to filter your search by the number of proposals the job posting has received. You may want to skip applying to those that have more than 50+ proposals already as yours can get lost there. And make sure to apply for jobs that match your skill set and previous experience.


There's really no telling how the client selects their freelancer but focus on what you can control- your cover letter, your profile, your skills. Additionally, you can reach out here in the Community and look for blog posts from successful freelancers to help you get back on your feet.

~ AJ
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