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Not getting calls from Client



   I am member of Upwork for last more than a year. I have submitted around 13 proposals. But till now didn't got any reply from client. Not sure what is missing here. Can someone please help me in this regard, so that I can start my freelancing career ?



Omkar Shetkar

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Did you take any Upwork test and pass them?
Do you have any examples of your work on your profile page?
Is my profile public?
Does my cover letter describe myself and my skills clearly?

If you can answer these questions well, you just keep on selling yourself and your skills. Sooner or later, you'll get a job. If you can't answer the questions well, you need to make yourself marketable enough to get hired. Hope that helps you. Good luck.
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13 proposals over a year is not very many.


If you can't find at least 10 projects a week that you apply to because you think fit your skills, experience and pay requirements, it may just be that Upwork is not a good fit for you.


I think my response rate on proposals is something like 14% to 20% and I'm actually hired by about half that many clients. That doesn't mean you should expect the same - your niche may have more/less competition from other freelancers than mine, th average price of your projects might be higher/lower than mine, etc. - but you should plan to submit at least 200 - 300 proposals over the next three to six month before you decide whether or not you can earn the amount of money you need to make Upwork worthwhile. 

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