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Not getting client respons.

I was bid for a job. And client want me to do a job within 3 days. We had a deal for 180$. He created a milestone for 18$. Then he took from me full work and now he did not create any milestone. I was delivery this work 4 days ago. But now he did not response properly. So what should i do now? Please help me.
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If you have a contract between you and the client, this will answer your question. Does the contract list the entire price as $180, or $18, or some other amount? If you have delivered against milestone one and there are more milestones, then the client has simply slowed the effort. If the contract was for $180 with only one milestone funded, for $18, ask the client to set more milestones and fund them or you will invoice him for the remaining $162. If the documented contract was for $18, you may be out of luck.

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Never do more work than the funded milestone pays for. You will not receive the $180. You're going to get $18.

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