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Not getting enough working opportunities due to Boosted Applications through Connects!

Hi everybody,

I have been present on the platform for 8+ years, did well, received enough working opportunities and received constant 5-star feedback.

Now, since the time of the introduction of the Boost option by Upwork, I am facing a scarcity of work (I am sure many others are also facing it), despite having talent, and proven feedback, I am receiving considerably lower work or no work at all! My statistics show, clients are not clicking on my application, the obvious reason is, I am getting out of the top 3 positions frequently, I tried to spend on connects (which are over costly for small freelancers like me) to improve this situation but no benefit! Also, in many cases, clients do not respond to their job posts for 10 days or for months in few cases and in such cases,  connects spent on those job applications stuck and I left with no connects to apply!

The point is, Boosting through Connect system has reduced the importance of factors like experience and knowledge! Clients are mostly choosing out of the top 3 applications, and top positions are easy to acquire for those applicants who are applying at a later point as they could see the numbers of the top 3, they just add 1 more connects and acquire the top position!


So, can anyone help to come out of this situation? Or can Upwork reduce the price of connects or offer discounts on it for small freelancers?

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I just created this Post to answer in DETAIL to answer your concerns and how to solve:


Hi William,

Thank you for your reply and efforts of helping, I read your post, it talks about adding more and more skills but does not talk about the exact issue I have mentioned. Even after adding more skills, the problem of applying and boosting would remain the same on this platform. It is so much worse that I saw someone applying with 36 connects for a job merely fetching around 6-7 USD! While 36 connects itself costs around $5!

William, I have to agree with Abhimanyu. Your post does neither addresses nor resolves the issue of prospective Clients not even opening proposals due to the flood that they receive (although you do acknowledge the terrible quality of many proposals that you yourself received). I've noticed that only 35% of my proposals are even opened. So, I've started boosting, because getting eyeballs on my proposal is the bottleneck in conversions (1 in 4 opened proposals result in a conversion for me).

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