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Not getting hired on any job.

I am a graphics designer and i have completed some odesk test. My profile is 100% completed but i am not getting hired in any job that i applied. I just tried and tried not have been success on getting hired in any project till now. Can any one help me what should i do?



I would recommend adding some samples of your past work in your portfolio. When people are hiring graphic designers, they like to see what work you have done and what you are capable of. 


Bikesh, Amy is right. A graphic designer with no portfolio really has no business complaining about not getting hired.

You DO NOT NEED to post past work. You can create new work and post it.

Right now YOU HAVE A JOB. You work for Bikesh. Your assigned task is to use your talents and expertise to create distinctive, compelling, impressive graphic art pieces and add them to your portfolio.