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Not getting hired with the new services I am providing :(



I have previously working on UpWork (previously Elance) as a Virtual Assistant. Later I have worked as Photo Editor for few months. I have 1700+ working hours in UpWork.

 I stopped working as VA for more than 2 years and started learning Digital Marketing, But,  I was unable to establish myself as Digital Marketer in UpWork. More specifically, I provide all kinds of FB advertising services.

After my client see my profile is full of VA jobs, they do not hire me. But I am getting hired in other marketplace for FB advertising campaigns. I also worked ad Digital marketer in a marketing agency for long time.

Now, what might be the way to establish myself ad Digital Marketer hear in UpWork?

I will appreciate your kind suggestions and advice !

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I tried checking out your profile, but it wasn't even public so that may be one of the causes.

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