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Not getting hired

I keep applying, but not getting hired. I am not new on upwork and have a good experience in writing, still not gettting hired.

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For most people who enjoy writing, it is a HOBBY.

Not a career.


If you are writing because you enjoy writing, you don't need to get paid to do it.


If you are writing because you want to earn money, you should look for other things you can do INSTEAD of writing to earn income. Do something else during the day, and in the evenings you can write for fun.

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There could be several reasons why you are not getting hired for jobs you apply to. There are millions of freelancers on Upwork and probably several thousand are writers with experience ranging from bad to brilliant.


However, the first place I would look for answers is in your profile and your proposals. Your profile is set to private, so we cannot see it and offer any feedback. When a profile is set to private, it is not shown in search results when clients search for writers, and clients only see your profile when you submit a proposal to their job.


I am not assuming that your profile needs work or your proposals are not great, but not getting hired could be due to a number of things.

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Your profile is set to private so I can't view it and help you out with that, so I can suggest that you rework your cover letter if you are not getting hired using your current one. I assume like most freelancers on upwork, you use the same cover letter when applying for all jobs.

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Hi Amara,


Please click on the Academy link on the top of this page for success TIPS on your profile, cover letter, job submission and etc. Have a wonderful evening!

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I'm new to Upwork as well and by grace, I've landed a couple of client responses. Don't lose hope but instead look into the scenario a little closer and try to check how you're presenting yourself on your proposals and profile. I agree with getting yourself guided with the Upwork Academy so you can improve (if not to make it even better) all the aspects needed in landing a job.  That's what I did with mine. 


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