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Not getting hired

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Adil M Member Since: Apr 6, 2016
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Hi Sarah,


Upwork system initially tests your patiance and secondly compitition isn't easy.  At times, its luck but in most cases It takes time. Few suggestions can work or can't, but general observation you re-write your profile keeping in view following understanding.


- Similar profiles of writers ( profile, i've seen of writers are short and expressive)

- Rates

-Obeserve other profile pictures 


It is taugh to keep patience after applying.


Wish you best of luck.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "want to ask, should i send my work to client via upwork message ? or is there some other forum here where we finally send our work to client ensuring that we are paid?"



If you are working an hourly contract, it doesn't really matter how you send your work. Sending via Upwork messaging is a great way to go. But you're getting paid for your time. Whether you submit work or not, and how you submit it... none of that makes a difference with regards to how you get paid. On hourly contracts, I sometimes do many weeks or even months of work without "submitting" anything to my clients other than reports of what I'm doing.




If your contract is a fixed-price contract (which I think it is) then there is a very specific way you should submit your work. You need to submit it using the official button for submitting milestone work that is attached to your active job for this particular contract. Submitting using that button is how you get paid.


If you don't see that button attached to the job, then you probably don't have an official contract, and the client is just tricking you into working for him for free.


- Log into Upwork

- Click on the "My Jobs" tab

- At the bottom of the page, see your contract in the "Fixed Price" section.

- Use the "Submit Work / Request Payment" button


If you don't see that button, the client has tricked you, and you won't be paid.