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Not getting job why?

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Abdul H Member Since: Jun 29, 2015
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I am experinced person on odesk and done many project related to Designing and Development successfull with 4.95 rating.


I was not applying last 1 year because of some domestic reasons. And now I am trying to get job and applying many suitable job but there is no response from client. Please advance me what is the reason client are not inviting for interview. 


Please help me regarding this matter.



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Patrick P Member Since: Jun 17, 2015
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Hi Hannan,


People from all over the site with all different kinds of backgrounds - from experienced workers to newbies to Elance crossovers to Top Rated workers - seem to be experiencing similar problems. People who used to get tons of invitations now get none, qualified workers are having a terrible time getting their applications noticed, posted jobs aren't being awarded, spam jobs are littering the site, etc. etc. etc.


There seems to be a small selection of workers on the forums still finding success, and there's a chance the forum just attracts those having problems, but based on the discussion here since the Upwork launch, the problems seem to be something most workers here are dealing with.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Your profile is not bad. But it could be better.


It could be more focused.


Most of your profile and portfolio items focus on graphic design.


Remove "Wordpress" from your skills list.

Keep Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML and CSS.


Focus on what you do that you're best at and which you can provide the most value to clients.


Remove references to Wordpress and "mysql" from our overview text.


Don't try to look like you do everything. Promote yourself as a talented artist.


Clean up the English language usage and grammar problems in your profile overview text.


Keep your text short, but add some niche industry information. You are highly experienced in some specific industries... such as energy, eduation, real estate, something like that.


Change your photo. Do not edit it. Take a new photo. Think about what message you want your photo to send. Your current photo tells me you're annoyed at me and that you're kind of a pain to work with.

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Sharon L Member Since: Jun 14, 2015
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Your overview is too short. It does not give a complete picture of yourself. At least, you need to show what tools you have to complete the job. Do you have Photoshop? If so, write down that you have it. I would recommend writing down all tools that you have, which are bought and paid for by yourself. Even if you only use open source software, you need to show a client that this is the setup you are happy working with.


I would recommend spending as many hours as possible building up your skills. Perhaps you can learn HTML5 and score in the top 10%. This will look very impressive to a client. It is absolutely essential that you spend enough hours on your skills. Look at it this way, at least it's not manual labour, and you aren't risking your life somewhere. Some other jobs require that, which is even more difficult.

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Sharlene C Member Since: Jul 14, 2015
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I have noticed this too.  It's really disappointing.  Before the merge with elance I was getting lots of invitations every week and when applying for jobs I was at least getting responses but now I get absolutely zero.   No invitations and no response from any clients.


After being laid off my job I was so happy to be recommended oDesk from a friend.  I created my profile and worked twice as hard for half as much and built up a 5 star rating now I'm back to being 'unemployed' Smiley Sad


I guess I'll have time to do some tests now... maybe that will help but based on what I've been reading in these forums, I doubt it.  I even lost one client because in the changeover he lost all our communications but upwork said he just couldn't find them?? hmmm....