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Not getting jobs recently

Since the past 2 months, I am not getting any new jobs. I have created a specialized profile and have upgraded my skillset but am not getting any new jobs. I continuously monitor the status of jobs I have applied to and have found that many clients did not hire anyone for the job and subsequently the jobs expired. 

I am not able to find the fault with my profile as earlier I used to get invites for jobs whereas now I am not even being called for an interview for jobs applied to. Can someone please help?

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Hi Prasann,

I see that your profile is not public. check your profile and make it public to get invited.


BTW I have the same situation is with me. I'm a top-rated seller for the last 2 years. I have completed 150+ projects. But for the last 2,3 months, I did not get any single invitation. Even I received an average of 50+ invitations/month before this to connect update. 


I have used $50+ connects to apply for the same way that I used to became a top-rated and to get 150+ projects. 


I have contacted upwork but they don't have any solution. I don't know what's happening. But I'm sure there is a backend error. 

She does not have to make her profile public. She only needs it to be seen by Upwork users to get invites. 

Sad to hear your situation is worse than mine. Hope the Upwork team looks into the matter and addresses it.

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