Not getting jobs




I am upwork pro devleoper still not getting jobs. Please check my profile and let me know if you can find any problem with my profile. So that i can get good jobs.





I have got both batches team builder and upwork pro but still not getting any job interview or even i am applying to jobs with good cover letter still no job. Can anyone help me into this. Thanks in advance


Well, I rushed in to write that you need to develop portfolio and have some projects next to your name, but after inspecting your profile I can scratch that one 🙂


Which leaves 3 potential reasons for clients not to go for interview:

1. high price

2.cover letter

3.clients looking for cheap work ( kinda like combination of points 1 and 2)


All are open to correction.

Since you already made nice amount of money, I would advise you not to yield and lower your price per hour.

Which leaves you with either being more picky with clients (seeing the job award percentage, average $/h etc) or adjusting the cover letter more 'preciselly'.

Or maybe its just a dry period, it happens.

When I read your profile I took it that you are more or less a "Front end" developer stuck on the ridges of Wordpress and Magento. Sure that has it's own market. Splendid. However surely after the amount of hours you have done, you should be able to demonstrate a far greater expansion in your skill set. HTML and CSS/3 is all well and dandy but umm, what about Bootsrap, what about some Jquery, Angular, JS, React, Vue.... The list goes on and on. 

Without sounding harsh because really I'm not trying to be here, just being upfront / honest. I could only imagine that some people would take a glance at your profile and go.. Oh their from India their median wage is XYZ and she is offering the bleak of front end work without demonstration of anything complex. Then they'll go, meh.. I'll go with Fred, his $5ph and the front end work I have aint too hard; plus if it is, I can train him up and save some $$ in the long run. Now I'd like to stress, I don't have anything against India or any country but it's best if we all have our eyes wide open even if iit includes societies sometimes harsh blanket type stereo types. 🙂 

In short; show some of your skills. You should be an
alchemyst by now, show us clients what you can cook in your lab. 

Hello All,


Thanks for taking time to reply to my problem. I have changed the overview section and price. Please check once again and let me know is there anything more to correct.


I have got 100% score too with upwork pro. Now i am not finding any reason not to get anyjob interview. Please check once again and let me know.


Thanks in advance.






I've been working on Upwork since it was named oDesk (about 3 years now) and I've been Top Rated since the program was implemented. I used to be very successful in getting web development projects and I always did a really good job. 


For the past couple of months I had to focus more on one particular client who was external(so not on Upwork), therefore I didn't really have any activity here for a while. 


I had to stop working with that client a couple of weeks ago so I started looking for jobs here since I knew I was going to have to end that collaboration, but I haven't been able to get a hire (about 3 weeks of searching). Even more, I feel like I can hardly find a job that pays properly and that I want to apply for.


I was actually aiming to increase my rate because I know I have more experience, but now I am between a rock and a hard place and I'm not sure if I should continue holding on to keeping my rate high or not.


For the moment, my profile rate is $50/hr but I am actually applying with $30/hr just because I can't afford not getting hired. I have a company through which I pay my taxes and such, so I basically have monthly expenses..


Tldr: Do you sometimes give up on your standards for a job? Do you consider working on poorly paid jobs if you can't get any projects?



I have no standards, class or ego, so I just do whatever feels good at the time.

I can relate to your dilemma.  I am freelance Voice Talent and I have played with hourly rates as well.   I have noticed (in my experience) that it can be hit or miss.  I have been successful at lower/higher rates but I do get the urge to drop them during "dry spells."   I watch closely for trends in the job postings and if I start to see an uptick in lower paying projects I adjust accordingly.  Right now in the Voice Over field I am seeing a downward trend in compensation for jobs which has me a little bit worried.


Well hang in there your not the only one who deals with this dilemma....wish I could have given something a little more concrete.   Hang in there!


I don't fully understand. You aren't getting Pro jobs? It's the same answer as not getting open marketplace jobs. You're not the right one.


You have asked this question and received answers in other threads. Perhaps read through those responses you already receive.


Maybe I'm wrong but I think clients are not very fond of agencies.

Second, this month is a real struggle for me too, so I guess something is going on. Like, people are still on vacations, or something.

Third, today are popular minimalist portfolios. You know, when you have images through gallery all look alike, slightly different, mockup of Mac, or something like that. 

I made mistake with my own portfolio. I go through it now and see it looks quite messy and amateur, but I don't have time to redo it all from scratch, and even if I do I would have to wait again for each piece to get approved by client. Sigh. I so hate how it looks. Robot Sad So I'm in a process of making separate portfolio in Bootstrap, on my own, hehe. Robot Very Happy It's so hard to get track of all that <div> here, <div> there.

Don't correct my grammar!

It seems they are opening the gates on Pro. It was the Upper East side and now it's Harlem. 


I was about to open a thread for the same problem.


I dont know if its a change in Upwork algorhytm or something, but i am struggling to get any jobs lately, for example 3 months even more. Before this period for 5 proposals i was getting at least 2 interviews and then hires.
I have paid membership from the very beggining of memberships, and i find this very dissapointing.

Anyone has a wise explanation on this issue?


Yeah the explanation is your competition just one upped you and is starving you out. Figure it out.