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Not getting messages from clients

 I noticed one issue in my account, now almost like more than 3 weeks I'm not getting new jobs when I'm applying for job posts . I never get even one reply message from the clients who I summited proposals.As a example before I used to get so many messages from clients when I submit proposals for job post. If I submit proposals at night  I wake up with at least 3-5 clients messages but now its almost like 3 weeks no one come and asked details regarding the proposal.Is  this something realatable for you. Is there any reason for this ? 



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I'm facing the same issue. Have you been offline for a while? If yes, it may be the reason why you don't get job anymore. Anyway, just keep on bidding.

Hello Bruno Nice to meet you. The thing is this start to happened like from 3 weeks now before If I submit praposal at least 2-3 client came for the interview now days I'm not even getting one message. But Im getting inviting. Really  worriing about this matter. Thank You for the reply.  I hope you land more jobs soon. 


Nayani L 

Nop I was  online always already have active ongoing projects 

may be an issue from Upwork. I have seen many upwork users talking about the same problem.

I hope you will find a solution.


Nayani L wrote:

Nop I was  online always already have active ongoing projects 

Have you thought about raising your hourly rate? You seem to be doing an incredibly large amount of work. (You've done as many Upwork projects in a year and a half as I've done in 20 years!) You could gradually raise your prices to at least $30-40/hour, and then you wouldn't have to worry about winnning so many projects or having occasional slow periods. 


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