Not getting more jobs after two

Hello every one!
I am new to Upwork, one month ago I start biding and I got a job, then I also got 2nd job. And I got 4.45 review on that, but after that I just stuck! I polished my profile 2 times but still not getting any more job.
I just can’t identify where the problem is?

Please suggest me what should I do?
Should I update profile again or I should update my proposing strategies?


profile link:


This is pointless if you don't set your profile to public.

I set it to public

Ok, now it's better.


First of all - remove that Below Average test score (but you can retake it as it's older than 30 days).

Then realize that you're competing globally and $5/hr won't confirm that you're professional in your field even though your tagline (or whatever that thing is called) says Professional MVC Web Developer.

Brush over some of the profiles of your competitors and you'll see that the most successful ones are certainly in 2-3 digits hourly. Of course, you can't just blast it to, idk, $100, but you can at least go to $15 (bare minimum) and build up your Up history from there. Naturally, if you have THE knowledge and skills.


IMHO, move that "I'm senior MVC web developer" part from your very first sentence in your overview. I mean, you already said exactly that in your tagline. Improve your general overview (at least add some clarity - paragraphs, bullet points and stuff). It's fine now but it can be quite better. Basically, enrich it (but don't overexaggerate and don't lie about your skills!).


For everything else, I believe that others will have better answers and suggestions because I'm not in your area of expertise. However, one more thing to note - be patient. Like, very patient. It's not unusual to go weeks and months without any single job. Then you're suddenly flooded and you're forced to reject some of them due to insufficient hours on daily basis.

That may have been your issue? Was it not public?

you can check my profile from this link:

So you build eye-catching responsive sites but don't have any eye catching portfolio pieces? OK


OK I got it Jennifer you suggest me to add some samples in portfolio