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Not getting orders or invites

I am not getting any orders or invites, I send lots of proposals to clients, but all in vain, I applied lots of things which are mentioned by the experts but nothing has happened so far, even though I have four 5star reviews from clients but nothing.

any suggestions?



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I see this topic repeating and I find it useless. It is impossible to factor in all the variables why someone is getting tonnes of invitations and someone hardly any. Not mentioning relevant invitations. The most successful "know the answers" but that is only valid for them and their situation/position. As Top Rated Plus it costed me around 4 - 5 proposals to get a job before 2019, but I was not actively bidding for 2 - 3 years. I had a few longer-lasting partnerships and repeated work that I ended recently. I stopped getting invitations sometime around April this year. I have spent all my connections and even rebuy (never did that before) with little success. I am no longer getting invitations and little to no response from my bidding.

Possible reasons? Here are some speculations:
- It is likely the client would hire some s/he has already invited. It is less likely to hire an active bidder.
- After Covid there are more freelancers - the competition is more fierce
- Supply is slower during summer, while we may be in the recession already
- Some say Upwork is always changing/experimenting with their algorithms. They may positively or negatively discriminate against one group. I am not judging that as good or bad, but it is obvious. You are a grain in UP product and they can tweak and sell way they want. For example: In the past I declined a lot of irrelevant invitations. I was recently told I should accept every invitation, even though you are not going to take the job - because of the algorithm. So that is my problem if that is the case.
- Someone said you should "reset" your profile to be seen/suggested by the algorithm more, by going private and back to public mode. For me it does not work.
- Upwork staff would recommend you to try harder, write more and better proposals (that is surely important) while you burn and buy more connections...But maybe spending unsuccessful connections sinks you even more. Who knows? Maybe you can try the boost feature burning even more connections at least getting some visibility. 😎

I doubt there is an objective pattern for success here. You are on your own. There is just you in the jungle, if you are successful you may fail again if you are a beginner you may rise by a few lucky incidents (and hard work of course). Anyway, good luck in the jungle survival 😂.


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Thanks for reaching out! I've pulled a few resources that may be helpful to you. Check out these articles to help you create a profile that stands out and improve your profile title and overview. For some great tips on writing proposals that win jobs, check out this article.
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