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Not getting replies and projects on Upwork

Hello Team,


It has been a long time since I am bidding on Upwork, My proposals are highly customized and to the point of job. Still I am not getting any replies from the clients. My bids are currently over, so i am not bidding since a few days. But still before that hardly any client replied to me. 


What should I do?


I'm also struggling to land jobs. I have been working on this platform for 8+ years and even with a 100% job score, I'm still not getting hired. This year has been especially bad. I don't know what the problem is or wherein lies the problem, but I have stopped relying on Upwork as my only source of income. I had been for years, but lately,  I have found myself going for more than a month without getting a single contract, and with bills piling up, I have decided to broaden my horizons. 

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