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Not getting replies anymore

I joined upwork 3 months ago. Scored 2 clients in my first month. Got 5 stars and good review for both the jobs.
It has been 2 months since I have got any reply from any clients. I applied to almost 60 different data entry and virtual assistant jobs but wasn't even invited for an interview. I don't even know if my proposals are being seen by clients or not.
Please have a look at my profile and review it.
I don't even understand where am I doing wrong.
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Honestly? It happens. 🙂 IMO, your profile looks great and your two reviews are outstanding. You are new and it will take a while to build a reputation.


Keep your proposals really focused on the specifics of the job and make it more about them than about you. Tell the client in your proposal that the job is interesting because of X, you'd love to deliver work that will help further his goals by doing Y....etc. Rather than "my skills are...I am currently in school for..." in a general way, keep the proposal about the job. I mean yes, you will mention how you can do the job but your comments will always come around to directly being about the client and the specific project.


Dry spells definitely happen but you will get more jobs and build a reputation so clients can feel confident hiring you.

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