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Not getting responses for past 8 months

I was working on upwork for past 3 years and I was getting jobs but from last 8 months I haven’t got any responses I don’t know what is reason behind.
Can anyone help me with that.
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One reason is very obvious.

You've got a 1.5 star review from a client and the text there makes it look like you had to do an extra fix on a previous project for $10.

Of course, future clients will stop reading your profile any further than that review as they may jump into the conclusion that you are one of those software developers whose main business comes from fixing bugs they have created earlier, meaning the clients cannot assume the project stays within the original budget frame promised by you.

Here, it doesn't matter what the truth is, maybe you did everything perfectly for your part, but that's how it probably looks to most clients. The perception is negative.

So, that one bad review is your show-stopper, unfortunately. 😬

Is there any way i can improve that?

The only way to fix this kind of thing is to do better work for EVERY client. 😉

As a Top Rated freelancer you could remove one review each year. So I heard. I've never used it, though, even if I've been Top Rated from the beginning of this platform. Because I do good work for even the most horrible client who doesn't appreciate anything but his own image in the mirror. 🤣

How can i know that i are top rated or not?

If you are top rated, when you go to your profile, it will have the little blue badge that says so, along with TOP RATED in a kind of bold . You would have also gotten an email when you became top rated. 

Farrukh A wrote:
How can i know that i are top rated or not?

you're not.

You're not top-rated, otherwise there would be a badge on your profile.


Since that 1-star project was only $10, you should give that client a refund to get rid of it (the private feedback will still count in your JSS score, but at least it'll get the public review off of your profile). But your last two clients marked you down for quality, skills and availability as well, so you'll need to do better work (or work with better clients) to make sure that your JSS doesn't go down any further.

How can i refund? Means where is the option

Hi Farrukh,


You can issue a refund bu following these steps:


  • Go to My Jobs  All Contracts and click the contract title. If the contract has ended, select the Include closed contracts checkbox at the top of the page
  • Click the Give a refund button from the (...) options menu
  • Choose the amount to be refunded and click Give Refund


You can find more information in this help article.


~ Nikola
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