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Not receiving message notifications

Community Leader

Has anyone had a problem with not being notified of messages? I'm receiving some but not all for some reason. Is there a setting or something that needs to be changed or could it be a glitch?


I also sent a request to customer support for something unrelated and when it was addressed I never received a notification of that either. I only noticed when I went directly to the original request.

Community Guru

Yep, it's been borked since the upgrade. I have one room where the customer can't get to it except through his iOS app. It doesn't work on Android or my desktop for me, so I have to rely on emails. Both of us get "An error has occurred..."


Another customer couldn't get his document from my submission. Not sure what happened there.


Only thing I can guess is that I communicated with both of these customers right before the update, so we screwed ourselves. lol


Jean suggested the mobile app, and I have to say other than the one room being broken, it's way more reliable than desktop.

Wow. That's definitely disappointing. Have just started transitioning to the site after nearly 4 years on Elance and this one is really not looking good so far. 

I'm a transplant too. 😛


I am doing well, but yeah, the bugs are frustrating. I'm doing better here than Elance but I'm concerned as well about the messages since the upgrade.


Definitely download the mobile app. Jean was right. It's reliable.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi K. C.,


Could you please go to your Settings > Notification Settings and check the email address that shows on top there? Make sure that's the one you are checking and Upwork notifications don't go to your spam folder. Also note that you will only get notified about unread messages. If you view a messages on the site within 15 minutes after it's sent, the notification about it will not be sent.


If none of these is an issue, then please submit a ticket to Customer Support with more details.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria, Actually that's the first thing I did. The email was right, and nothing is in my Spam folder, had checked that too. I never read them here either so I do believe there is an issue. Thanks for your help, K.C.

Ace Contributor

Once hired for a job, I ALWAYS let my customers know how to contact me directly when and if Upwork is having connectivity issues.


This helped out considerably when a number of months ago, some messages were taking up to 4 days--FOUR--to send back and forth between freelancer/client via the *new* rooms addition to messaging.


Not all changes have been for the worse. Here, I've gone and made a list of positive changes that Upwork has made over the last year or so:


1) Changed the attached file cap from 5mb to around 20mb and added uploading file progress meter.


2) Um...I'm sure this list will be longer, just let me have some extra time to think about other positive changes that have been made...


3) Placeholder for future positive change, if any.

Yes, I have done the same thing as far as providing my email address to new clients because it did happen occasionally on Elance, though it was pretty rare. Unfortunately, the missing message that caused problems was from a potential client and not on a job that I'd already been hired for. It was then that I realized there were a couple of other missing messages and that there was also a response to a customer support request that I was never notified about. 


Thanks for the input!



I've had this too a couple time, recently a new contract signing was offered to me without notice from email until the next few days I opened message room. Don't trust email notice so much, check it manually at least once a day.