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Not sure how to report a post

I have come across this a couple of times now. I understand that UpWork allows people to work on commission; however, in my field, grant writing, it is unethical, and in most cases, actually impossible. Here is why: a grant award is a contract. The awardee (the client) is only allowed to spend the grant award on costs beginning on or after the award date and almost always NOT on fundraising, which includes grant writing. So there is no way they can spend grant funds on paying the grant writer a commission or their fee out of the grant funds. The grant award usually comes with a contract that the awardee signs, and if they use those funds on things that are not allowed by the contract, specifically a grant writer is one of them, then they will have to return ALL the funds. 


Here is the problem, UpWork allows these jobs to be posted even though we can't legally or ethically accept them. Just today I saw another post by a client who wants a grant writer to be paid out of the grant funds, which is not allowed by almost all foundations, unless it's capacity building, and even then, you cannot pay for PAST expenses out of grant funds, only expenses that occur AFTER the grant has been awarded. 


There is no way for someone who works on these jobs to get paid, basically. The client admits they don't have the money and is suggesting that they will do something unethical to pay the freelancer. The other problem is that grant awards typically take 6-12 months to be decided, which means, if you decide to work on commission for a grant (which you can't anyways) you won't get paid for your work until at the least, 6 months after you complete the work. 


Here is my problem, I don't know what to select when I report these jobs to make the UpWork reviewers understand that there is a problem with that post. Because, as I have seen clearly on here and in chatting with them, they don't understand that this is a big issue for grant writers. It would be nice if there was some information when they are posting their jobs that advises them on when they can ask people to work on commission and when they can't - as in this instance. 



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I thought they'd recently introduced an "other" option you can select when you flag the post, and you can write in what the problem is?
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