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Re: Not the most skilled freelancer here but still......

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Oreofe J Member Since: May 8, 2015
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Nothing beats the satisfaction you get from doing what you love to do but you would definately want to start looking at leaving your comfort zone(s).


Fact is more and more people are going to be doing what you are doing right now as the years roll by.


They will be younger , faster  and more desperate.  I have over 9 years post grad experience and believe me what I am doing now is a far cry from what and where I started out from and I have to keep evolving or risk becoming extinct.


It is no longer just a concrete jungle out there - it's now a densely populated e-Jungle and it is not the strong that survive but the ones that are quick to adapt.


If someone moved your cheese , best bet is to go look for another one (swiftly) before someone else finds it.