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Not top-rated any more with JSS 94%

I had always had Job Success Score 100% untill today. Today my JSS changed to 94% (due to the fact some of my clients didn't left me feedback) and I am not Top-rated any more.


The rule is that

Top Rated freelancers consistently maintain a 90%+ Job Success Score or Rising Talent status, or both, for 13 out of the last 16 weeks.
The fact is that I never had JSS less than 94%
Why has it happened, guys ?

Hi Valeria K,


can you please help me.

i lost the top rated bage after request the JSS feedback removal,


My Stats are clear, please check and let me know


Job Success score 100%

Job Success Last updated Jan 10


12-month earnings $1,***

Clients who would recommend you 94%

Long-term clients 65%

Recent account holds 0

Top Rated eligible weeks 16 of 16


i didnt found any issue, please let me know,


Thank you

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Muhammad,

I understand your concern with this and would like to confirm that we have a known issue with this. Our engineering team is working on resolving it as soon as possible, once this is resolved our team will update your ticket as well. Thank you.

~ Goran

Thank you Goran V, for your valuable reply,


I'm in the exact same boat, but worse! I dropped from 100% to 89%! Sure, I had a single client that didn't pan out and my Job Success Score did lower, but lately it keeps dropping. Normally, something would only drop if I had more clients/work, but I haven't had anything other than the single client, which has been a great success! So, why the heck is my score dropping for absolutely no reason!? It says I have no Account Holds and I have been Top Rated Eligible for 16 of 16 weeks straight. 

no, you don't have the same issue. Your JSS is below the threshold so of course you're no longer TR.


The last contract to close had meh feedback so it's likely that he was too picky and gave you not so great private feedback. 

He was a she and I am in the same boat. Do you honestly NOT see it!? I was at 100%, then dropped to 92%, then 89%, when nothing changed between 92% and 89%!!! Come on, really. From what I understand, it takes figures based on the 24 months, 12 months, and 6 months measures. It'll take the highest percentage rating of job success from one of those 3 figures. I should be over 90% for all 3, separetely, even if I had a recently bad client. 

Even if 2 of those 3 dropped below 90%, it would still use the third option. Not to mention, you need to be eligible for 13 of 16 weeks, and I was elible for 16 of 16 weeks. It doesn't change until something happens (which nothing happened between 92% and 89%) and you drop below 13 weeks. 

It's in the screenshot. Don't act so blind, please.


EDIT: Apologies if I'm a bit snippy. I don't like being below Top-rated, don't like being ganged up on with rude commentary from an ex-bad client and have no way to interact with it thanks to Upwork, and it's 82 Degrees in my house because A/C is broke. 

Anthony, whether or not what you experienced was reasonable, there is no argument that it is "the same boat" as someone whose profile is showing that he is in every way qualified to be top rated but he's lost that rating.




No need to shoot the messenger (Jennifer). It is a totally different type of case than the op and she is also right that it looks like your last client probably tanked you on the private feedback, which shows with the 84% "clients who would recommend you."


It sucks having your AC cut out. I've had it happen a couple of times in Memphis, TN. I spent a lot of time working on my drinking skills at the local bar, but if that isn't your thing then you can spend a lot of time at the local library.