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Nothing changes at "Work in progress" on page "Overwiev".

Hi dear Upwork community.

Guys, please remind me:

I have working hour contract,  have worked full last week started at Tuesday, but i am not seeing "money" at "Work in progress" on page "Overwiev" now. Now is Tuesday, like i remember, from Monday, after client charged money must be "Work in progress" or "Review" on page "Overview"? or not?

And in my contract: Manual time allowed - No. Is this could affect my question up?

See you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Anton,


I checked and see you haven't log any time on this contract to date. I also see you haven't logged any time on your other Hourly contract. Based on your communication, it looks like you haven't used the Desktop app and even if the client approves the request you sent them, you won't be able to add time to the last week's timesheet. You can add manual hours if agreed with the client to your Work Diary in the current week, but note that manual time is not covered by Hourly Payment Protection and I'd strongly advise you to track your work with the Desktop app.


On another subject, please upload a different photo to your profile, on which you're facing the camera and your face is clearly visible.

~ Vladimir

Hi Vladimir.

Thanks for your reply.

I couldnt add hours in work diary because it wasnt allowed by client. And so I had to add their by Desktop app? If i did it, now I would not have these problems?

The client has not responded to me for several days. So now, looking at my situation, how can i get these hours for last week? Please advise me.

Hi Anton,


Since last week's Work Diary has been locked, you'll need to communicate with your client about issuing a bonus payment on your contract or enabling the option to add manual time and adding it to this week's Work Diary. Please refer to the Help Article I shared above in order to understand how Upwork Desktop app is used to log time on Hourly contracts.

~ Vladimir
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