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Nothing has changed since the upwork payed connects!

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Amanda L Member Since: Jan 23, 2018
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Tom Z wrote:

Shaun D - you said it better than I could. You're not the only one bro. I know people who are seriously rethinking their career on Upwork. Like you said, there's more and more clients that just want free info. They complain about the hourly rate when they forget that they aren't paying the taxes, benefits as they would on a W2 employee. So say the hourly rate is $100 - after Upwork's 20%, and government taxes, honestly the worker only gets back probably $60/hr, after health care, insurance, probably $45.


If you all think of your "career" as on Upwork, then you should leave. Upwork is not your career. Upwork is not your employer. The mindset that I continue to see here is FLs thinking that Upwork is their employer. They are not. You are a business. All of these problems are simply costs of business that any business owner budgets for. 


If your career is on Upwork then you are doomed because Upwork is not your employer. 

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Mark F Member Since: Jul 10, 2018
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Shaun D wrote:

Not only that, but it seems to have been my luck on here that the ONLY work I've received is from people who sought my profile and invited me to bid.  Even though I've taken great time, care, and cost writing over 50 proposals and having been on here for several months, I have NEVER had one proposal accepted.  Again, I'll also never get back the time, money, or other intangible costs that are associated with this.

So you spent $45.00 (at most) to get 50 leads none of which panned out.  In reality 0 for 50 is a really small set of data because if you win 2 in your next 10  you turn that to 1 in 30.   When you think about the 50 jobs you proposed on the fact that you didn't win any of them what are the lessons you are drawing from that?


So have you ever done any marketing to find work outside of Upwork and what where your costs and win rates for that?