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Notifications - New Job Matching Saved Search Criteria

Can you receive email notifications when a job matching saved search criteria is posted? I found the notifications section under settings but I only see a section about jobs recommended by Upwork. I don't find the "recommended" feed to be all that useful, so the emails aren't either. Seems like if we've saved search criteria and filters, we ought to be able to choose notifications for just those jobs. Thanks for any help!

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Hi Todd,


From what I can tell, the searches you have saved, combined with other factors like your skills, job success, etc contribute to what you are emailed. On top of this, if you are top-rated, clients pay a premium for their jobs to be sent to you. If you want a search to be updated and sent to you, there is a RSS feed icon you can click, which you can connect to any RSS reader. Many email clients allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds, so you will get updates with your email. Here's how to do it in outlook https://support.office.com/en-us/article/subscribe-to-an-rss-feed-73c6e717-7815-4594-98e5-81fa369e95...

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Hi Todd,


In addition to Damon's response, please follow the steps below: 

To save a search as an RSS or Atom feed

  1. Perform a search and filter as desired.
  2. Click the RSS or Atom link at the upper right of the search results.

You can turn any search into an RSS or Atom feed to receive automatic updates in a third-party feed reader. Each feed will return up to 50 results per update.


Let me know if there's anything else.

~ Riri
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